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Date Develop :Thu, Nov 7, 2013

Sky’s On Demand service offers you what you demand to see, it’s just the way you wish a TV service to be.

Sky’s On Demand service offers you what you demand to see, it’s just the way you wish a TV service to be.  Your demand for TV Box sets of most popular shows, content aired on Sky Entertainment Extra+ coupled with Sky’s Catch Up TV, all and more is available through Sky’s on Demand service. 
What to pay for Sky On Demand service?
Nothing, Sky On Demand comes as an add-on services to Sky TV customers at no extra cost. But, as a Sky TV customer you need to take efforts to set it up through a connector which is offered free provided you register for the On Demand service.
Setting up the on Demand Service
You could connect the existing Sky+HD box to any broadband router and access On Demand service instantly
Also, you could register with Sky to get an On Demand connector which allows you to connect your Sky TV box wirelessly  
Upgrade the existing Sky box with a new Sky +HD box with built in Wi-Fi.
Highlights of Sky On Demand Service
Get access to watch and enjoy the very best and the latest of shows especially Falling Skies, The Wire and much more through the Sky Entertainment Extra pack
Catch up on missed on TV content through Sky Catch UP TV, considered to be UK’s biggest catch up service including most TV channels.
Add on the Sky Movies Pack to watch scores and scores of movies on demand
Connect your black Sky+HD box to ANY broadband router and enjoy TV on demand at no extra cost
Rent out movies through Sky+HD box through Sky Store
If you are already a Sky customer and wish to enjoy Sky on Demand service then it’s time to upgrade to Sky HD service along with Sky Entertainment Extra + Pack offered at extremely nominal costs. Upgrade right away to enjoy a plethora of TV Box sets which include Boardwalk Empire, Strike Back and The Walking Dead, The Wire and Grey's Anatomy and the new additions to the collection.

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