Accessibility is easy and convenient to use by most users that too, across multiple devices. In case of reading issues related to reading web pages or the small sized text print on your screen. Don’t be disappointed …Relax!! You can change the text size to the one which suits your preference and read it as per your liking. Steps to resize the Text

For Internet Explorer users

Go to the View Option in the Menu Bar

Click on the Text Size option and choose your preferred size.

For Mozilla Firefox users

Go to the View Option in the Menu Bar

Click on the Zoom option to increase the text size

For Google Chrome users

Go to the View Option in the Menu Bar

Click on the Zoom option to increase the text size

For Opera users

Go to the File option and select Preferences

Within the Preferences tab, select fonts and choose your preferred font size

For Safari users

Go the Toolbar and select the View Option

Click on the Zoom option to increase the text size

Additionally, if you are comfortable with using a mouse with a wheel, press the CTRL key on your keyboard as you move the wheel forward or backward, the text size will increase or decrease respectively.

Accessibility is easily accessible for the majority of web users and is a convenient way to compare various deals even whilst on the go. It is a simple to use website that can be accessed through multiple devices and various browsers. Sometimes the size of the text or the layout of the web page may need to be altered in order for you to view it in maximum compatibility. Small text on a page is not easy to read and can stop you from viewing the information that is needed, hence why a quick change in the size of the font can make all the difference. There are various ways to change the text size and it can be very easy to do, so relax and follow the following instructions depending on the type of browser that you have…

When accessing in Internet Explorer, click on View Option in the Menu Bar and then Text Size, followed by your preferred size. Mozilla Firefox users can go to View Option in the Menu Bar and select the Zoom option in order to increase the font size. When visiting on Google Chrome, click on View Option in the Menu Bar and then Zoom to increase the text size. Opera users can go to File and then Preferences. Within this tab, select the font and your chosen size. Safari users should visit the toolbar and select View Option. Then, click on Zoom and increase the size of the text to suit your needs.

Another good tip to note is to press the CTRL key on your keyboard when using a mouse with a wheel, whilst moving the wheel forwards or backwards to increase or decrease the font size. This is a really quick and easy way to access the page in the way that you require.

Keyboard Control

You can use controls provided by your browser to access and navigate the web pages without using the mouse. will function in accordance with these keyboard control for a hassle free and smooth browsing experience.

Common Keyboard Controls

  • Scroll the entire page up or down screen wise – Use Page Down/Page Up or Space and Shift+Space
  • Read line by line text either upwards/downwards line by line – Scroll using Down Arrow and Up Arrow keys
  • To navigate and to the next link or previous link, form field or form control – Use Tab and Shift+Tab
  • Visit the selected link, select an item from the drop down menu or submit query details – Use the Enter Key
  • Reach to the start or the end of the web page – Use Home and End keys
  • For navigating with the pages in the browser history – Use Alt+Left Arrow and Alt+Right Arrow or Backspace and Shift+Backspace
  • Reload the page – Use the function key F5 on the top row of the keyboard
  • Clear the screen with relation to open dialog boxes, form drop downs, or the prevent the loading of the current page - Use Esc key
  • Highlight the browser's address bar for reference purposes - Use F6 or Alt+D

Note – Apple Mac users need to use the Command key instead of the Ctrl key for performing these operations.

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