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TenTel are a new, fast growing Scottish company launched in 2014. They aim to compete against other UK Telecoms companies through offering a unique short term or no-contract service. This "move-in, turn-on" service enforces no commitment to their company, nor does it charge you any hidden fees for changing or cancelling. Most ISPs usually insist upon a minimum 12 month contract.TenTel is instead aimed at those who are unable to predict how long their services will be needed for, making ideal for property renters.
This simple selling point is the main way in which TenTel embody their idea of flexible, customisable service. As a new face on the scene, reviews, awards and certification are understandably in short supply. Only time will tell if TenTel’s product will have a massive impact it on the UK Telecoms market, but they are offering a great option for people who don’t want to be tied in to lengthy contracts.

Latest & Best TenTel Offers

UL Broadband & Calls

£18.50 £18.50
a month
Includes Line Rental
Broadband Unlimited
  • Up To 17 Mb Broadband
  • Unlimited broadband
  • Free Wireless Router
  • 12 month contract
  • FREE connection
  • FREE Router delivery

Unlimited No Contract

£30 £30.00
a month
Includes Line Rental
No Contract Broadband
  • Unlimited Broadband
  • Up To 17 Mb Broadband
  • NO contract
  • NO cancellation fees
  • FREE connection
  • FREE router + FREE delivery

Hello fibre Unlimited

£29 £29.00
a month
Includes Line Rental
Fibre Broadband
  • Unlimited Broadband
  • FREE router + FREE delivery
  • Up To 38 Mb/s Speed
  • Included Weekend Calls
  • World class customer service
  • 12 month contract

Unlimited Broadband 6M

£27 £27.00
a month
Includes Line Rental
6 months Contract Broadband
  • Unlimited Broadband
  • 6 month contract
  • Up To 17 Mb/s Broadband
  • NO cancellation fees
  • FREE connection
  • FREE router + FREE delivery

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TenTel Broadband Overview

TenTel aims to take the complication and frustration out of getting a broadband package that suits your needs, while promising the best value for money and the support of a top quality customer service.

Thus the selling point of TenTel is customisability, as this is what they believe other companies lack. TenTel also offers short contracts, as well as non-contract options, across a wide range of speeds and usage allowances. If it’s what you’re looking for, TenTel can offer the highest speeds and truly unlimited usage.


This considered, prices depend on the package you go for but TenTel are also extremely affordable. In order to ensure their promise of a value for money, the company have a unique price guarantee. Simply, this is a guarantee that they can beat the ‘Big 4’ Internet Service Providers’ (BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin) standard prices across 6 months for fixed landline and broadband, excluding special offers. Furthermore TenTel charge no fees for connection or termination and even offer a free delivered router.


TenTel still supply this same service in the rural, secluded areas that other cheap ISPs avoid. This service is at the same rate available in more populated areas, making TenTel a clear option for rural customers on a budget.


However, although TenTel are incredibly well priced, to some extent you may still get what you pay for. The cheapest of deals have low usage caps, such as 5GB per month. Additionally the extra frills that may seal a deal for customers with other ISPs are not offered here, except for the router. For higher performance broadband, such as fibre, a longer contract is necessary in order to justify the reasonable prices.


TenTel then seem to offer a very reasonable selection of flexible deals to tailor what you want from your broadband, and are ideal for those on a budget. Their customisability means they are always worth a look, however if you’re looking for the highest performance broadband options these may have to be found elsewhere. It’s worth adding that TenTel are also relatively new on the scene, and so how good their service is on the long term is yet to be established.


TenTel Product Features

  • Flexible Contracts with just 30 days notice period
  • Affordable and Flexible Broadband Deals
  • Broadband Deals start at just £2.99 a month
  • Fibre Broadband with high speed of Up To 76Mb/s
  • World Class Customer Service
  • UK based customer support
  • Free Router and Free Delivery
  • NO contract or 6 month contract
  • Line Rental £15.99 a month applies
  • £49 activation fee applies on Fibre Broadband

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