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For business phone, broadband and calls, XLN is a hugely popular choice of provider. With hundreds of thousands of dedicated and satisfied customers, this provider is known for being reliable, flexible and great value for money. The company prides itself on helping customers to save on their phone and broadband packages while offering an incomparably good service, leaving customers with one less thing on their minds.

With a dedicated mission to help small businesses to maximise their savings and in turn boost growth, this company believes in creating the best deals for its customers. Whether you are running a start-up bakery, opening a hairdresser, or a gardening company, there are deals which suit all budgets and needs with XLN. XLN works with businesses from restaurants to shops to the sport and fitness industry, and so has something for everyone.

XLN prides itself on being a British company which offers an authentic British service. XLN telecom’s focus is on the customer: giving them great service with the fastest broadband speeds possible and unlimited service. This comes hand in hand with lower charges so that customers make a significant saving every day. XLN not only works in great value phone and broadband but also helps customers to save money on gas and electricity, as well as card processing which is an essential in many businesses. With affordable terminals for card processing on sale, affordable energy and even mobile phone deals, this company has everything you need covered.

Best Business Broadband and Phone Line deals

XLN broadband and Phone Basix

£6.50 £0.00
a month
Free fro 6 months + line rental from £12.45
Save 90% off BT's calls prices!
  • Free wireless router
  • Free Router setup
  • Totally unlimited broadband usage
  • Keep your existing number
  • Easy & free transfers
  • PAYG calls 90% cheaper

XLN broadband and Phone Max

£16.50 £6.50
a month
6 months Discount +line rental from £16.95
Save 60%! on monthly broadband cost
  • Fastest speed promise
  • Free router & setup
  • Totally Unlimited broadband
  • Unlimited UK landline & UK mobile calls
  • Free XLN Secure worth £95!
  • Multiple email addresses

XLN Fibre Broadband and Phone Basix

£18.50 £6.50
a month
Discounted prices for 6 months + Line rental from £16.95 a month
Save 65% on monthly broadband cost
  • Totally Unlimited Broadband
  • Upto 38 Mb/s Speeds
  • Free plug & play router
  • Up to 10x faster
  • Twice as fast for downloads
  • Easy & free transfers

XLN Business Fibre & Phone Basix

£23.50 £11.50
a month
(6 months discount) + line rental £16.95/month
Save 51%! on monthly broadband cost
  • Speeds up to 76Mb
  • Unlimited broadband usage
  • Free, fully managed installation
  • Free plug & play fibre router
  • Multiple email addresses
  • Download speeds over 4x fast

XLN Telecom | Phone, Broadband deals and Packages

Digital TV
Broadband Speed
XLN Unlimited Broadband
  • Totally unlimited broadband usage
  • Calls 90% cheaper than BT's
  • Free wireless router
  • Free installation and setup
  • Award-winning customer service
More Details (+)
Business Broadbandchannels
Up To 17Mb
Weekend Calls
£0 a month
Free for 12 months £8 thereafter + £16.95 line rental
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XLN Telecom Overview

XLN Telecom offers a range of products and services meaning you can get something carefully tailored to your business. With broadband and phone packages which cater specifically to small businesses and helping them grow, you can make huge savings so that you can invest your precious capital or profit back into your growing business.

With business broadband and phone packages you can get packages such as the bestseller free unlimited broadband package, which gives you free set up, a free wireless router and, like it says on the label, free unlimited broadband. With this package, there is only line rental to pay, taking a huge load of your mind – and your expenses of course. XLN understands that small businesses are what keeps our economy growing and moving forward, and wants to reward these heroes with the best packages and the biggest savings possible.

You can join the hundreds of thousands of businesses across the UK which use XLN Telecom to fulfil their connectivity needs. Compared to the more well known brands, the savings are significant and the level of customer care is well reputed for being second to none. XLN Telecom’s other packages include unlimited broadband and calls packages for low rates, which include unlimited calls to UK landlines. Equally, you can get fibre broadband, and basic or maximum packages depending on how much demand you are going to place on your telecoms.

XLN Telecom guarantees its customers that the service will always be cheaper than BT on core tariffs such as business landline and broadband. This means that you are guaranteed a saving, with many customers reporting saving up to 25% on their phone and broadband which is not an insignificant amount of money. XLN Telecom helps small businesses to think big, thanks to their ethos, packages and prices.

XLN Telecom Features

  • Most trusted Broadband by small businesses
  • Affordable yet Best broadband and phone line
  • UK based 20/7 technical support
  • Free Pre-configured Wireless Router
  • Speedy 6 hours fault Resolution response time
  • Tailored packages to meet your needs
  • Save up to 48% on XLN business broadband
  • Get 38Mb Unlimited broadband starting just £8
  • Free Online Security
  • Line rental from £15.45 a month
  • Multiple E mail addresses

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