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Founded in 1995 and having gone from strength to strength ever since, Zen Broadband is a real contender in the telecoms market. The company has grown exponentially in the time since, now working with tens of thousands of customers with an expansive range of products and services.

With something for everyone, from home users to small businesses and everything all the way up to large businesses, there is a host of packages which can be tailored to the specific needs and budget of each customer.

Zen Broadband started as a pioneering Internet Service Provider and is now a company which boasts that it can offer a full range of data services, voice services and hosting services to customers who want all or even some of these, for great prices.

Zen Broadband has customers across the UK in both residential and business settings and prides itself on offering them the capabilities they need, whatever they may be, to effectively communicate. For businesses, this means providing them with the adequate services so that they can reach their long term goals, grow and communicate effectively and efficiently. By providing this vital infrastructure, Zen Broadband plays a key role in keeping British business alive and thriving.

 We live in a world which is now highly connected and it has never been more important to have broadband and telephone services which can keep up with this demand. This is what makes Zen Broadband so special as it does just that.


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Zen Broadband Overview

Zen Broadband has spent the last 20 years growing from a small and pioneering internet service provider into a large company which offers clients all over the UK a range of data, voice and hosting services. Zen Broadband equips businesses large and small with exactly what they need to communicate effectively and grow in size.

With the vital infrastructure that Zen Broadband provides, businesses can move towards their long term goals safe in the knowledge that their communication needs are being taken care of. In the highly connected world we live in today, this has never been more important and Zen Broadband is known for delivering.

Zen Broadband works with businesses of all sizes designing packages which helps them make the most of all opportunities. With superfast fibre and broadband which is always reliable you do not have to worry about restrictions or connectivity, meaning your business can run smoothly at all times. Business internet packages from Zen Broadband let you download huge amounts of content from the internet without limit. You can also get your business phone line from Zen to save huge amounts on your bundle thanks to cheap line rental and calls.

Zen Broadband always strives for excellence and has recently invested millions in deploying Ethernet points of presence meaning they can offer this low price service. This can be used by small businesses or large data centres making it flexible and attractive.

Zen Broadband also has many home customers who have packages that connect their place of residence to the internet and phone lines, with options like unlimited calls to UK landlines and anytime minutes. This means that Zen truly do have you covered, whether you are running a large company or looking to connect from your home, making them a leader in the telecommunications industry. 

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